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Shoresh Fund (previously Kumzitz) focuses its activities on emergency aid to families affected in the conflict line.
The fund directs donations to families to help them deal with existential day-to-day needs until the state mechanisms come into action.

About Us

Shoresh Fund (Previously Kumzitz. Registration ID: 580716470) is focused on immediate assistance to the casualties of the horrific attack on civilians by Hamas. Families lost loved ones, have family members kept hostage, and are dislocated from their homes. They require immediate assistance in maintaining their lives and need food supplies, accommodations, transportation, physical and mental health help, support for their children, and more.

We are working with community leaders and individuals in the impacted region to deploy significant resources for help without middlemen quickly. Specifically with the towns Kisufim, Niroz, Kfar Aza, Mishmar Hanegev, Be'eri & Sderot. We are committed to expediting fund allocation to impacted families as soon as donations are made.

Use of funds

We deploy the funds we receive on a near-immediate basis. Our donations have gone to:

  • Activity/relief packages for the children of Sderot

  • Power generators for Mishmar Hanegev

  • Daily subsistence for Kfar Aza families

  • Laptops for children and adults

  • Food supply for Ethiopian-born, solitary elderly

  • Fast "petty cash" needs:

    • Mattresses, hearing aids, phone repair

Donate to Help

The impacted families need immediate assistance. We are committed to expediting fund allocation as soon as donations are made.

Donations from outside Israel

Donate through JGive.
Donations are tax exempt per 501(c)(3)

Donations from

Donate through Giveback.
Donations are tax exempt per code 46a

The People behind Shoresh Fund

Matan Yaffee

Matan Yaffe

Board of Directors

Social entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of "Desert Stars".

Chen Amit

Chen Amit


High-tech entrepreneur. CEO & Founder of Tipalti.

Sigal Moran

Sigal Moran


Former Head of the
Bnei Shimon Council,
former CEO of Branko Weiss, Former CEO of the Ministry of Welfare

David Sherez

David Sherez

Board of Directors

High-tech entrepreneur and social entrepreneur. Selina; Venn.

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